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Nov 20, 2017

We dive into the emerging arena of “computational photography” -- where cameras capture increasingly complex data that computers process to enable imagery never before possible.
One of the most mind blowing areas of “Computational Photography” is “Light Field” imagery, which redefines much of what we took for granted about photo capture. With “Light Field” captures, we can change focus, depth of field and aperture at any point after the image has been taken.
It also enables some degree of camera angle positioning to be adjusted in post-production. Or when viewing in frameless Augmented or Virtual Reality, it enables the viewer to move side-to-side and see the angel-of-view in the environment adjust real-time with your body positioning.
The leader in “Light Field” photography is a company called Lytro
Our guest today is Steven Swanson, the Executive Director of Content Partnerships for Lytro. Steven is active in many of the most bold, innovative media-tech projects today. Prior to Joining Lytro, Steven was a VFX Supervising Producer with Luma Pictures, one of the most prominent Hollywood VFX houses.
We explore the current state and potential of “Light Field” photography, dive into Lytro’s next-generation product the “Volume Light Tracer”, and get Steven’s insight into the evolution of immersive media.