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Nov 18, 2019

We explore Human Enhancement and Personal Performance Hacking with Matt Ward (@mattwardio), the host The Disruptors podcast, startup investor, adviser and business innovation consultant. Matt and I thought it would be fun to do two episodes, one here on MIND & MACHINE and the other on The Disruptors, where we explore what we've learned, the ideas we've formed and our takeaways across all these different fields that we cover.

So with this episode here on MIND & MACHINE, we focus on human enhancement -- technologies that are extending lifespan and enhancing human capability. Then we get into what Matt and I are doing currently to maximize our own performance capabilities -- our ability to think more clearly, to live more energetic vibrant lives... which is all heavily informed by all these amazing guests across these different fields that we explore.

In the other part of this discussion, on The Disruptors, we look at another set of subjects from space to AI to Augmented and Virtual reality. So I encourage you to check that out as well at The Disruptors...

For the other part of the Conversation on The Disruptors:

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