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Oct 23, 2018

My guest today is Naveen Jain, a billionaire entrepreneur with two insanely ambitious ventures underway. He’s on the boards of the X-Prize and Singularity University, and has written a book called Moonshots about extreme entrepreneurship efforts. 
We're going to address his two moonshot ventures in two separate episodes. Since they address different topics and challenges, I wanted to go deep into each and do a full discussion around both topics. 
The first, in this episode, is Moon Express — his company that's racing Elon Musks' Space X, Jeff Bezos' Blue Horizon and Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic to push the boundaries of space exploration. With moon Express, Naveen aims to first mine the moon and then create an outpost to serve as a launching pad for further manned space exploration. We explore the issues surrounding such a bold endeavor.
Then our next conversation, to follow in another episode, focuses on his effort to (as he puts it) "make illness optional" by establishing personalized med  ical care, prevention, and treatment through gut microbiome research and related medical advancements. His company Viome is understanding and eliminating human health problems arising from microbiome imbalances that have come from modern diets and medical approaches. It's a mind blowing look at a rapidly advancing aspect of medical research that could radically change human longevity and health levels at all stages of life.
But first, we discuss upcoming moon landings, moon colonization, and the mission to make the human species multi-planetary.
More on Naveen & his ventures:
Moon Express: http://www.moonexpress.com
Viome: https://www.viome.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Naveen_Jain_CEO
More at: https://www.MindAndMachine.io