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Oct 30, 2017

With fossil fuels polluting the earth’s atmosphere and being in finite supply, technological advances in renewable energy such as solar, hydropower and wind are becoming more essential for our future.  Batteries are at the core of making renewables power possible.
Our guest today is Duwayno Robertson. He’s an expert on batteries for future-forward automobiles and renewable energy systems.
Duwayno was a Fisker Automotive lead engineer overseeing everything that interacted with the battery, helping to create the ahead-of-it’s-time Fisker Karma eco-luxury automobile with its solar paneled roof and groundbreaking hybrid engine.
Since then he’s worked at two leading renewable-energy companies: Aquion and AGL, building a sustainable energy future.
We explore a full range of renewable energy opportunities and challenges. And we look at potential breakthroughs on the horizon.
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