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Aug 28, 2017

In this episode we explore what we can learn from video games and multi-player digital experiences as we move into an immersive media future — discussing game models as simulations to understand human behavior.

Our guest today: Spencer Hunt has been the Senior Vice President of Gaming and Interactive Entertainment at Skydance, and prior to that VP of Digital Entertainment at Paramount Pictures. He has been deeply involved in video game development, and has had an insider’s view on a wide range of thinking and analysis of interactive platforms.

Spencer has also been deeply involved in the move into virtual reality, augmented reality, and social platforms in digital and immersive environments. Instagram:


Discussion Points in this episode:
• What makes a video games succeed?
• Simulations: Insights on human behavior. Digital Organisms.
• Virtual Societies. What makes communities and digital economies grow in virtual worlds?
• What can we learn form video games and game worlds to bring to other forms of immersive media?
• How will VR/AR add to digital experiences.
• How will social happen in virtual space? Lessons from multiplier games in the non-gaming virtual world?


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